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Location: Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saturday, December 16, 2006

IUJ Alumni Myanmar meet

IUJ alumni Myanmar met at the chapter office in Yangon on 25 November 2006. Ko Kyaw Hlaing, Ko San Maung Myint, Ko Aung Myoe, Ko Moe Aung, and Ko Maung Maung Oo attended. Ko Maung Maung Oo's wife and their baby daughter Thitsa Sanhtar Oo accompanied.

Alumni talked about organizing a bounenkai for 2006.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Dr Aung Myoe (IR 93) gave a seminor on China-Myanmar Relations at the IUJ Alumni Myanmar Chapter Office, 55 Mahabandoola Garden Street, Yangon on 8 August 2006. Ko San Tun Aung(IR98), Ko Moe Aung(IR2000), and Ko Kyaw Hlaing(IR92) were among the participants.

List of IUJ Alumni, Myanmar

Ei Ei Han IR 05 eiei@yahoo.com
Iwasaki Toru IR 88 th.iwasaki@mptmail.net.mm
Khin Ma Ma Myo IR 05 khinma1@gmail.com
Kyaw Hlaing IR 92 msr@myanmar.com.mm
Kyaw Myo IR 03 myo@unhcr.org
Maung Aung Myoe IR 93 arimam@nus.edu.sg
Maung Maung Oo IR 03 maung@midmay.com
Moe Aung IR 00 m_aung9@mail2world.com
San Maung Myint IR 92 sashido@mail4u.com.mm
San Tun Aung IR 98 santun26@yahoo.com
Thit Lwin Oo IM 04 thitlwinoo@gmail.com
Lwin Thida Htun IM 03 lwin.thida.htun@gmail.com
Kyaw Moe Tun IM 04
Marlar Myo Nyunt IR 04
San San Oo IR 04
Soe Han IM 04
Thet Naing Win IR 05
Thida Mya IR 02
Ye Nyunt

IUJ Myanmar Students

Cho Cho Thein IR 06 (IDP) cthein05@yahoo.com
Ei Ei Khine IR 06 (IDP) eieilife@gmail.com
Ei Phyu Sin IR 06 (IDP) eiphyuzin@yahoo.com
Hnin Hnin Oo IR 05 (IDP) hnin.nno1mym@gmail.com
Htun Zaw IM 06 (E-Biz) htunzaw@gmail.com
Khin Thida Nyein IR 05 (IDP) ktdnyein@gmail.com
May Thet Win IM 06 (MBA) may.emilie@gmail.com
Mu Mu Theint IR 05 (IDP) mmtheint@gmail.com
Mya Thida Than IM 06 (E-Biz) maythan15@gmail.com
Myat Thandar Ko IR 05 (IDP) mtdk872@gmail.com
Myo Myo Htike IR 06 (IDP) myomyohtike_jds@yahoo.com
Nyein Nyein Myo IR 06 (IDP) nyein2myo@gmail.com
Thandar Thwin IM 06 (E-Biz) thandarthwin@gmail.com
Thin Thin Myint IM 05(MBA) thynnthynn@gmail.com
Yekalayathein IM 06 (E-biz) yikalayathein@gmail.com

New Students from Myanmar in 2006

1.Hnin Phyu Pyar Lwin(IDP) 025-779-1680 hnin@iuj.ac.jp
2.Kyi Tha Cho(Peace Studies) 025-779-1693
3.Mie Mie Aung(IDP) 025-779-1690 miemieag@iuj.ac.jp
4.Soe Yar Zar(Peace Studies) 025-779-1630
5.Zin Zin Shwe(IDP) 025-779-1686 zinzshwe@iuj.ac.jp
6.Aung Thet Lwin(MBA) atlwin@iuj.ac.jp
7.May Su Aung(E-biz) 025-779-1328 msaung@iuj.ac.jp
8.Aunt Khine(MBA) auntkhin@iuj.ac.jp

Alumni Meeting Photos

Rules of the Myanmar Chapter of the Alumni Association of IUJ

Article 1. Title
The organization shall be called the IUJ Alumni Association, Myanmar Chapter, and hereinafter be referred to as "the Chapter".

Article 2: Purpose
The purpose of the Chapter is to:
· foster a spirit of friendship among alumni and support their academic and social activities
· contribute to the development of the International University of Japan IUJ
· promote IUJ among the prospective students in Myanmar

Article 3: Membership
Membership shall consist of IUJ alumni from Myanmar or who are currently residing in Myanmar who register themselves on a voluntary basis.

Article 4: Representatives
Board of executive members shall consist of chairperson, vice-chairperson and secretary, who will be elected by majority vote of the chapter members present at the annual chapter meeting. The secretary shall concurrently serve as the treasurer. The tenure of executive members shall be three years.

Article 5: Location, time and date for regular meetings
The board/executive members shall announce a set location, time and date to hold regular meetings through a notice given reasonable time ahead of the gatherings and seek agreement on meeting schedules from the majority of Chapter members.

Article 6: Finances
There is no requirement for membership fees, though participation fees for events, including annual meetings, may be borne by the Chapter members. The chapter shall be self-sustained.

IUJ Alumni Myanmar Chapter

22 May 2006

IUJ Alumni, Myanmar

Dear Friends:

The alumni of International University of Japan from Myanmar met in Yangon on May 18. The gathering was also used to formally establish the Alumni Chapter, Yangon.

First, the alumni gave advice on academic matters and the things to be taken with them to those who had recently been admitted to IUJ. One of the suggestions given by Marlar Myo Nyunt (IR 04) was not to take English and Japanese language courses at the same time as both of them are demanding. Some alumni later explained briefly core courses in the international development program.

Second, information for prospective IUJ students was provided.

The meeting then elected three executive members to IUJ Alumni Chapter, Myanmar. Kyaw Hlaing (IR '92) and Marlar Myo Nyunt (IDP '04) were elected as the chair and the vice-chair respectively. Maung Maung Oo (IR'03) became the secretary and he will concurrently serve as the treasury of the chapter.

The newly elected executive committee members gave speeches and expressed their thanks for being given the responsibilities. The guest of honor, Mr. Nishibata Yoshiya of Myanmar-Japan Center of JICA, also made a few remarks.

The meeting was attended by 8 alumni, 5 new students who had recently been admitted to IUJ, and 7 persons who are interested to apply to IUJ.

Warmest Regards,

Kyaw Hlaing (IR '92)
Chapter Chair
IUJ Alumni Myanmar Chapter
55 Top Floor, Mahabandoola Garden Street
Kyauktada Township, Yangon
Tel: 95-1-249231
Email: msr@myanmar.com.mm
URL: http://iujalumnimyanmar.blogspot.com